World Nut and Dried Fruit Conference signals strong growth for SA’s macadamia industry

The 2018 World Nut and Dried Fruit Conference hosted in Sevilla, Spain, cultivated an exchange of global insights into the global macadamia industry as well as the latest farming trends and global forecast for fruit and nuts. Overall, reports signal a strong growth trajectory with the forecast for 2018 estimated at 211 101 metric tons worldwide – the highest ever global supply. South Africa will be the biggest macadamia producer with 54 000 tons followed by Australia and Kenya.

With the growth trend set to extend far into the future, Valley Macadamia chairman, Alan Sutton, fostered close alliances with industry experts and positioned the Valley Macadamia Group for big future expansion in sub-Saharan Africa. The group is also looking ahead to future markets like India whilst continuing to service China, USA and Europe.

Representing the South African macadamia industry, Sutton shared feedback on the INC’s annual report and discussed key statistics on the growth and global supply of macadamias. Production in China will be 19 000 tons in 2018 with a set growth of 10% per annum thereafter and the Australian crop forecast for 2018 is estimated at 44 500 tons at 1.5% moisture. Australia currently exports 70% of their crop and is said to be developing an additional 3 500 hectares of macadamia trees in 2018.

“The increase in plantings on a global scale is set to continue and hopefully this will stabilise the supply for what is seemingly an insatiable demand for macadamias worldwide. The generic marketing currently undertaken by the INC is an example of our industry body hard at work to perform the expansion of our product”, said Sutton.

The Valley Macadamia Group is expanding capacities and market capabilities to cater for the exciting new trends. The group will be joining the Australian Macadamia Society as an international member from which to gain key learnings on macadamia marketing for the benefit of African macadamia exports. The knowledge-sharing culture of Valley Macadamia furthers the success of local farmers and processors by serving as a go-to platform for the latest trends and insights into the macadamia nut farming and trading industry.

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