Valley Macadamia

Nut processing

World-class and high-tech

The Valley Macadamia Group’s processing methods have been developed and refined by innovator and disrupter, Alan Sutton. Alan’s career started with one macadamia farm which he has grown into a global business using a unique combination of farming science, business acumen and an unrelenting passion for excellence.

The Group’s unique processing plants are the most sophisticated in Africa. One plant is designed to grade, dry, crack and pack macadamia nuts to the highest ISO 22000 (FSSC - Version 5) and HACCP standards. A second plant processes the nut-in- shell products. Together they handle 10 000 tons per season.

There is also a third high-tech speciality plant, Premier Nut. Under the guidance of a Research and Development team, we can develop and supply speciality macadamia and value-added products, such as flavoured and coated nuts, oils and bespoke packaging to meet our customers’ unique needs.

Our processing methods are designed to assure top quality and freshness. We can also tailor packaging to meet our customers’ unique needs.

Dry nut-in-shell

The majority of our exported macadamia nuts are dry nut-in-shell. The Group’s process includes the following steps.

  • Sorting: Nuts are divided by diameter, Beaumont, Hybrid, Integrifolia or Tetrofilia
  • Drying: Nuts are dried to maintain a moisture content of 1.5% – 2% to ensure the ultimate freshness and taste
  • Grading: Nuts are sized and separated into three categories
  • Packaging: Nuts are then packed into white polyprop woven 25Kg bags
  • Labelling: Bags are colour coded and labelled by cultivar
  • Export preparation: Packed in 40ft, 25 ton containers lined with brown paper to protect the individual bags and seal in the freshness
Valley Macadamia Our Process


Every stage of the process is designed to ensure optimum quality and freshest end product. Each Kernel goes through several grading inspections. They are then weighed and placed into standard 11.34kg (25 lbs) vacuum liners, flushed with Food Fresh Nitrogen Gas and vacuum sealed to ensure the freshness and fine taste is preserved.

Style 0
Styles O

95% wholes
High quality snack products

Style 1
Styles 1

90% wholes
16mm - 21mm
Snack products and
chocolate coating

Style 1S
Styles 1S

95% wholes
13mm - 17mm
Chocolate coating nuts

Style 2
Styles 2

50% wholes
13mm - 15mm
Snack products,
confectionary and others

Style 0
Styles 4L

80% halves
Snack products

Style 1
Styles 4

50% halves
10mm - 15mm
Baking and snack products

Style 1S
Styles 5

80% chips and pieces
9mm - 12mm
Baking ingredients

Style 2
Styles 6

80% chips and pieces
5mm - 9mm
Confectionary, baking
and ice cream

Speciality nuts

Due to the high demand for macadamia products in modern, healthy diets and beauty products, we have a Research and Development team at our speciality plant in Mpumalanga. The team is dedicated to developing and producing speciality kernels and macadamia products, such as roasted, flavoured, coated as well as pressed oils.

Our Research and Development team is committed to meeting the needs of our customers. We can develop new macadamia products and flavours to our client's specific requirements.

Valley Macadamia

Currently, Valley Macadamia Group flavours both kernel and nut-in-shell with the following flavours:

  • Wasabi Macadamia
  • Honey Macadamia
  • Chocolate Coated Macadamia
  • Chili Macadamia
  • Garlic Macadamia
  • Roasted and Salted Macadamia
  • Pressing Oil
  • Mac Butter